ASAP Innovations UK Provide A Donation To The Lewis Foundation

The Lewis Foundation visiting ASAP Innovations UK at their office to collect their donation

ASAP Innovations UK was visited by The Lewis Foundation team in August, 2021, to collect their monetary and glove donation from ASAP UK. A selection of gloves were given and the monetary donation is going towards funding their gift packs for adult cancer patients in Milton Keynes University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust Cancer Centre in September and October.

Lorraine and Lee Lewis, founders of The Lewis Foundation, were so moved when Lee’s mum was hospitalised with cancer that it led them to set up a charity. Recognising the fear, upset and loneliness faced by individuals undergoing cancer treatment and their loved ones, the duo were determined that their charity would make a real difference. They set about sourcing donations, packaging and delivering gifts, whilst giving support to patients on oncology wards. That was April 2016, when The Lewis Foundation was born

Today, the team has almost 50 volunteers and hundreds of regular supporters. The Lewis Foundation has gone from delivering 80 gift packs a month to one hospital, to delivering over 2,500 gifts to fourteen hospitals in the Midlands every month

ASAP Innovations UK was delighted to get the opportunity to help out such an amazing team and learn more in person about support that is given to the adult cancer patients in hospitals and the community.

ASAP Innovations monetary donation funded these gift packs created by The Lewis Foundation for Milton Keynes Hospital

ASAP’s monetary donation went towards the creation of these gift packs for adult cancer patients in Milton Keynes Hospital

You too can help this amazing foundation by donating, fundraising, volunteering etc. To find out more, please visit – OUR STORY | The Lewis Foundation

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